As a bald guy, I’ve found it essential to have a few essential men’s self-care items on hand at all times.

Shaving your head entails a new level of accountability.

Because you don’t have a mop of hair to cover your scalp anymore, you’ll need to adapt and rethink how to safeguard your most valuable possession – your shaved head!

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’ve shaved your head using clippers or a razor blade. And your freshly shaven head has you wondering what you should do now that it’s all gone, right?

The new duty simply entails maintaining and grooming your shaved head, as well as protecting it from harm, particularly if you live in a hot, dry environment.

We used to think that shaving our heads was the only thing we had to do to keep our heads in good shape.

But all bald guys must recognize the need for regular grooming and care for their shaved heads to maintain your scalp happy and healthy!

Every bald guy has his own tastes, but I’ve discovered four men’s self-care products that I can’t live without.

And I’ll swiftly list them for you to view in this post!

Here are four of my favorite basic men’s self-care products, which I use nearly every day.

Of course, you may choose one or two other products.

So, if you believe you have any suggestions or ideas to add to this list, please share them in the comments section below!


1. Moisturizer for the Face and Head

Once you’ve decided to shave your head, it’s critical to develop the practice of hydrating it regularly.

What do we suggest and use?

Nivea Men’s Moisturising Wash with Maximum Hydration

How long do you think it should last?

If you apply it after shaving your face and head, it will last around 1-2 months.


Ingredients that are potent, organic, and natural

Lightweight and simple to use

Skin is revitalized.

A good moisturizer can help you appear younger while also protecting your skin.

Other moisturizers for the face and head that are recommended:

maximum hydration Nivea men


Coconut Oil, No. 2

I began using organic coconut oil as a grooming product around a year or two ago.

It’s a fantastic product to have on hand since you may use it on your whole body, face, and head.

I use coconut oil on my scalp after shaving, and if I have a really dry patch of skin elsewhere on my body, I’ll apply it there.

What do we suggest and use?

Deodorised Coconut Oil from Sky Organics

How long do you think it should last?

A three-month supply of coconut oil should be enough. Keep it somewhere dry and cold.


After shaving, moisten your head and face.

Wounds are healed.

Acne treatment

Skin is protected against germs and UV radiation.

Coconut oil is a natural, organic product. It has a wide range of applications and may be found almost everywhere.


Apple Cider Vinegar is a vinegar made from apples.

Apple cider vinegar is one of those household items that may really come in handy.

I’ve begun drinking a little quantity every day, and I’m feeling great.

You may also use it to care for your skin.

It’s one of those multi-purpose home things that everyone should have.


What is the purpose of it?

It may be used in two ways: first, mix a few drops in a pint of water in the morning, or apply it to your face and head a few minutes before bathing.


How long is it going to last?

You should be able to use 32 oz for 4-6 months.



Can help with digestion

It’s good for boosting your immune system.

Can help you lose weight

Acne outbreaks can be reduced, and bacteria can be killed.

Other apple cider vinegar products to consider:

organic apple from Bragg


4. Apply sunscreen

When you have a fully shaved head, the last thing you want is to have a sunburn on your scalp.

It’s a terrible sensation, yet it’s all too common.

After bathing, make it a habit to apply a good, powerful sunscreen to your scalp every day.

What do we suggest and use?

SPF 50+ Nivea Sun Moisturising Sun Lotion 200ml


How long do you think it should last?

A 200ml bottle will last you many months. Every year, I buy approximately two bottles!



(Obvious!) It protects against sunburn.

Defends against wrinkles

Prevents skin peeling (particularly on a shaved head – believe me, you don’t want that!)

Prevents your face and head from drying out by keeping it wet.


The advantages of maintaining and caring for oneself are self-evident, yet they are often overlooked.

I’ve listed five advantages below that I’ve personally encountered.

Makes you seem more appealing

It removes years from your physical look, causing you to age more slowly.

Women will be even more enamored with you.

It will highlight your finest qualities.

Keeps your shaved head and face clean.

You are taking control of your present condition and embracing your baldness by keeping and caring for your new bald appearance.



Self-care items may be used to both prevent and treat adverse effects after shaving your head.



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