8 Best Yoga Tips For Beginner

There are many yoga asana for beginner that you can practice to develop your overall flexibility and strength. Yoga asanas have been traditionally done to relieve stress and calm nerves. Asana is also used to increase your flexibility and endurance. There are many different asana for beginners but here are 8 best yoga asanas for beginner.


7. Spinal Twist Asana-

This is a very simple and easy to learn asana. It is basically just a stretching routine with your toes. You do not need any shoes. It is a perfect arena for beginners as it allows you to get familiar with the positions without getting straining your muscles.

6. Walking Parsvakon Asana-

This arena has also been called the walking yoga asana. This asana is very effective for building up flexibility. You can perform this asana without doing your pose for a few seconds or as long as you want. This asana can be performed standing, sitting, or lying.

5. Tree Pose Asana-

This is an excellent arena for those who have issues with pain in their back. In this arena, you have to bend down and touch your fingertips to your feet. This pose is also good for strengthening your back and shoulder muscles.

4. Downward Facing Dog Asana-

This is another simple asana that does not require any props. It basically involves you lying on your back. After you get yourself relaxed, slowly push your head back, till you feel your buttocks resting against your knees.

3. Butterfly Asana-

This asana is also called arena of the foot. This asana is ideal for those who have a flat pelvis. It requires you to lie on your back, make sure your feet are placed firmly on the floor, and place your palms on your hips.

2. Sun Salutation Asana-

This asana is one of the best yoga asana for a beginner because it has been used to help people recover from injuries. or conditions such as backaches. and fractures. The sun salutation asana is usually performed with both hands on the floor while facing the sky and you bend slowly at the knees and lifting your body until you are facing your palms.

1. Plank Asana- This asana can be a challenging arena for beginners as it involves a lot of movement and can be tiring. But this asana is recommended for those who are not able to perform poses that require more than just sitting or lying position.


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